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The partnership will establish a laboratory that will use test kits developed and manufactured on PEI to help diagnose diabetic and caner patients in Bangladesh.

It involves taking some risks so that we can continue to grow the bioscience cluster and to have more companies like Somru in the future. Mohammed Moin came to PEI as a student looking for a better life for his family, and we have adopted him now. We believe the new joint venture collaboration between Somru and Radiant will support the growing healthcare needs of millions of people in Bangladesh.

I do the coordination between the lab and the clinics. We have had a few new hires within the last few months, and they are working out great.

Somru BioScience Inc.

People help each other, and no one minds working overtime when it is required. I was in a management position with the other company, so technically, he worked for me.

A few of the Research Technicians are Holland College graduates. In Ottawa, I worked for a public relations company doing training and special events. She worked in Ottawa for many years, and then returned to PEI.

When he needed to hire someone for his company, he asked me, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity. In North America, some statistics say only 50 percent of prescribed medicine truly helps patients with the problem it is prescribed for. We are proud to have Somru as part of the PEI bioscience community.

Somru will also provide the necessary training and logistics support. Somru will be looking to hire people with bioscience backgrounds. Through their partnership, Somru will develop and manufacture the laboratory-developed tests in their facility in Charlottetown and export them to Bangladesh to be executed in a jointly-established lab.

That was great learning for me, because I was there as office manager and accountant.

Somru BioScience gets $2 million from federal government for research and development

We ask the organizations involved to continue to collaborate, and to help companies thrive here on PEI.

It was a smaller company, so I got to learn a variety of roles. It will help us understand the safety and effectiveness of drugs, and how it relates to gender, physiology, and genetics. I got to know him and his wife. The great news is that we have more of those companies in our business incubation pipeline.

And now I work for him.

Somru BioScience – Hiring practices

Bioscience company looking continue expand Somru expansion From left back row: It is awesome to see Islanders getting the education and having a place to work right here. Our long-term vision is to use this valuable data to develop better targeted treatment strategies.

She has worked at Somru for almost two years. The contribution to employment is outstanding. It involves taking some risks so that we can continue to grow the bioscience cluster and to have more companies like Somru in the future.” “We appreciate and thank Innovation PEI, Finance PEI, National Research Council, IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance program), ACOA, Atlantic Veterinary College, and the PEI BioAlliance,” says Mohammed Moin.

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Somru BioScience expanding with new Charlottetown facility

has a very good support system Bioalliance, ACOA, NRC-IRAP, Innovation all together. Access your BioScience Writers editing services account.

Somru BioScience gets $4M to research, develop affordable medicines

Create Your Scientific Editing Account. If you don't already have a premier scientific editing account, the first step is to create an account using our online order entry process. Somru Bioscience is an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to developing breakthrough antibody technology for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Somru BioScience Inc @SomruBio. Somru BioScience Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company developing solutions that help our clients bring. Somru BioScience Inc. is an emerging biotechnology company developing innovative antibody technology to accelerate biosimilar development.

Biosimilars are the new horizon in affordable healthcare. These are post-patent versions of biologic drugs that have been critical in improving the quality of life for patients in Canada and worldwide.

Somru bioscience writers
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